Explore ideas and develop concept sketches to help gain a further insight into the potential of your project whether that be an internal remodification of an existing home or a scheme, an extension or an installation. I explore with multiple initial hand sketch drawings; envisioning spaces with overall 3dimensional views;
Collaging potential internal/external colour palettes and material schemes and fine tuning the final designs using CAD in preparation for planning if required.


Whether you are looking for a new, traditional or modern style of design, it is an art that requires attention to detail. 




Creating an efficient + well thought out plan are the very basis for you to feel comfortable + ‘PRESENT’ in your dream home.

Through our passion and inspiring vision for creating spaces we add value and help you create a better lifestyle and healthier living conditions by following some of our major design principles:

1) CONNECTION: Merging indoor and outdoor spaces bringing an organic, fresh taste and visual to your home.

2) BIG+small: creating intimate and elaborate spaces to express loud and subtle moments.

3) LIGHT+SHADOW: Aligning our design with your circadian rhythm, connecting you with the sun at the rights times of the day to ensure maximum comfort.

4) SPACE: Maximising use of space by forming flexible, changeable spaces.